Hey there! I’m Ali!

This craving I have with creating things all started in my single-digit years. I was in pre-school and came home one day and told my mom that I wanted to be an illustrator for children’s books. She questioned if I even knew what an illustrator was and my response was spot on, “Yeah? It’s the person who draws the pictures in the books.” That’s where it all started, and I haven’t stopped this one-way creative train since then. Growing up I was always drawing, painting, listening to music, playing an instrument, taking photos…anything to exercise that creative part of my brain.

I graduated from Doane University with a Bachelor’s of Fine Arts in 2014 with a Graphic Design major and minor in Spanish. I moved back to my old stomping grounds in Sidney, NE. where I pursued graphic design with an outdoors company, got married, and adopted two labs that I can’t get enough of. I have recently became a full-time, self-employed graphic designer and photographer.

Hit me up and lets create something!