Hi! I’m so glad you’re here! 

Thanks so much for visiting my renovated website. I worked hard to research other artists’ websites, keep elements of my old website, and make it more efficient and time-saving for you. Also, I just needed a revamp.  I feel like you have one shot to make an impression on someone, and when they visit your website you literally have a split second to see if that potential client resonates with what you’re doing or what you have to offer.

My new website goals are to promote :

1. creative realness - This was a year of finding out what I like, wether or not you like it, too.

2. less navigation - I don’t want you to have to have a GPS or a map to get through everything.

3. overall efficiency - I like research to take the least amount of time possible.

With my albums being on one page now, I feel like my potential clients can just go to the one page, look at everything at once, make a decision and move on with their life. Since both albums are on one page now, I’ll be constantly going in and changing the photography or graphic design work out when I feel like it, so make sure you keep coming back!

On my last website, I ‘tried’ to blog, but didn’t know what to talk about, so I’m giving it another whirl. I’m not even going to call this a blog because I’m not a blogger. I was trying to force myself into doing something everyone else was doing and it just wasn’t working for me. Like I said, I’m not a blogger by any means, I just have ideas and thoughts now that maybe other people share or want to talk about. They’re not all art related, and they’re not ‘scheduled’ where I’ll blog every week on Tuesday at 10AM...if I have a thought to document I’m just going to put it out there, you feel me? I also truly do enjoy writing and am excited to incorporate it into my creative process.

Anyway, take a look around and let me know what you think. Thanks again for visiting!